Southern Bivouac 12-13-14

The Madcap Gaming Community and The Pinoy Planeswalkers all around have great reason to be thankful for and celebrate the successes gained throughout the year. And what better way than to hold a monumental tournament and a Christmas party?! The Southern Bivouac is a great way to cap off 2014 as it comes to a close. It is one big hoorah as we look back to a great year and then move forward to a better and brighter 2015.

The Power of the Skull

New sets and new formats bring new ideas - sometimes, though, the sparks of the strategies of an older time still holds true until today. Many players out there will remember Necropotence and, I imagine, will give a slight involuntary grin at the thought of and the dominance it once had. But there are a whole lot of players out there who don't remember, but have heard whispered rumors around the gaming shops. Wouldn't it be nice to show them what the sheer raw power of the skull can really do? The card and the deck that fundamentally changed the way people thought about resources also changed the face of Magic forever. Let us then harken back to the days of old and command in the splendid moments once dubbed Black Summer.

Spoils of the Skyraider

Prossh dominates the Kher region of Dominaria. Each day at dawn, he takes to the skies, tracking his prey and monitoring the lands he claims as his own. The sound of dragon wings in the distance sends many of his subjects into a panic, scrambling for shelter that can withstand his dragon fire. He levels entire villages just to punish a single hunter who strayed into his territory. Those who don't pay tribute to him are burned alive. Prossh is worshipped by the kobolds of the region, and some offer themselves to His Mighty Overlordship in hopes that he spares their kin. Prossh is a predatory machine, and the death of his "allies" just makes him stronger.

#Inequality Affects Us All

Over the last seven years thousands of people from over 100 countries have taken part in Blog Action Day, creating global conversations on poverty, water, climate change, food, the environment, Power of We and Human Rights.

A common thread within posts, across the varied Blog Action Day themes of the last several years that have always aroused great passion and empathy is Inequality.

The Blog Action Day community are not the only ones concerned about inequality. If you take a look at your news, documentaries, top political or social concerns or even the conversations you have with your family and friends, inequality is a hot topic.

Whether it is economic, racial, gender, disability, faith, sexuality, health, education, political, social status or age, inequality unfortunately seems to be on the rise, affecting more people and limiting the opportunities they have, in many different ways.

For Blog Action Day 2014, let us think about and contribute to the global discussion on October 16. You may not know it; but, #Inequality affects us all.

WWF: Renewable Energy Best Solution to Power Crisis

It’s More Sun in the Philippines – As the world’s second-largest archipelago, the Philippines is composed of 7107 isles – making it difficult to connect all islands to the grid through power transmission and distribution lines. Installing solar panels will make many small islands energy self-sufficient. (Gregg Yan / WWF)

With the Department of Energy’s warning that an impending power shortage will befall the Luzon grid next year, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) reiterates its call for the Philippine government to more actively mainstream renewable energy (RE) solutions to meet the growing demand for electricity. Especially if we aim for enhanced national competitiveness through increased control over the supply and cost of power, RE must be integrated as the primary solution to the power development plan of the Philippines.

10 Things You Can Do to Keep Seas Trash-Free

A boat braves an armada of plastic bags in Manila Bay, the Philippines. Plastic accounts for half the world’s marine debris. Reducing our reliance on plastics will save marine life. (Jürgen Freund / WWF)

In fully-furnished homes, you’ll usually find television sets, tables, chairs, coffee tables, desk lamps, sofa sets, refrigerators, rugs, plus curtains. These same items – even the proverbial kitchen sink – have all been retrieved from the sea. Because of improper waste disposal, untold amounts of garbage end up in our oceans to harm marine life.

Soul Surf 2014 Travel Factor Packages

Travel Factor is the official travel partner of Soul Surf 2014

This October 24-26, BEEP! Productions brings you SOUL SURF 2014! After its successful maiden launch last year, Soul Surf brings you yet another year-defining festival experience. With international and local acts playing over the course of three days, set against the magnificent background of San Juan, La Union’s coastline, there is surely a beat that will get you off your feet. After nearly 13,000 people flocked to San Juan in 2013, there was no doubt that a second act was forthcoming.


Thirty-one years ago, Ninoy Aquino came home to prove that the Filipino is worth dying for. He joined the ranks of the martyrs who stood for our national freedom and integrity: Jose Rizal, Jose Abad Santos, and Ninoy Aquino’s fellow victims of Martial Law.