#EarthHour to Provide Bancas for the Philippines

© [Gregg Yan] / WWF-Philippines. Some rights reserved.
Typhoon Yolanda destroyed about 30,000 bancas, depriving some 145,000 artisanal and commercial fisherfolk of their livelihoods. WWF promotes the evolution pf boat-making technology to ensure that tomorrow’s bancas are ready to weather the waves of the future. (Gregg Yan / WWF-Philippines)

Walking the Grave

Skullbriar, the Walking Grave, Illus. Nils Hamm
"In matters of life and death,
he trusts his gut."
- flavor text for Viscera Seer

There have always been fans and a place in gamer's hearts for reanimator. Who wouldn't want taking fatty scary monsters out from the grave or simply bringing an army of your fallen heroes en masse back onto the battlefield for cheap? And for each set and as the years go by, there never was a lack for reanimation spells nor targets to whet our appetites. Sadly, through it's own popularity and strength, there have also been a number of graveyard hate to arise. So it has been that reanimator strategies come and go depending on how strong its new archetypes would be and also on how unexpected it would come out in a certain meta. Duel Commander is no exception especially being an eternal format where every best card to deal with all of the best deck types is available. The question always remains then. When is the best time to play reanimator?

#EarthHour And #SpiderMan Join Forces To Save The Planet

In a first of its kind partnership, Spider-Man will be the first Super Hero ambassador for Earth Hour, the global movement organized by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), with a message to inspire individuals to use their power to become Super Heroes for the planet.

Andy Ridley, CEO and Co-Founder of Earth Hour, and Jeff Blake, Chairman, Worldwide Marketing and Distribution, Sony Pictures Entertainment, made the announcement in conjunction with the launch of Earth Hour Blue – a radical new digital crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform for the planet, launched to engage people around the world and participants in the famous lights out event, which this year will be held on Saturday March 29, at 8:30pm.

American Eye Center Gift Back for our OFW Heroes

The spirit of giving continues beyond the Christmas season through our friends at the American Eye Center, the country’s leading eye care center, with a great gift back.

In line with its support of Filipinos working abroad, the American Eye Center is giving eligible OFWs the ultimate gift with its OFW Privilege Card through its Shangri-La and Greenbelt branches. With the OFW Privilege Card, kababayans can now secure eye health for themselves and for their dependents from anywhere in the world through discounts on diagnostics and treatments.

Madcap #CMDR Prep Up

It was a slow start for a Sunday in a holiday season that was about to end. I slept in for most of the day and didn't really got out of bed until after lunch. It was mostly from the late night I had the day before. I knew Madcap Gaming already have a Commander tourney planned for every weekend starting with the one later on. I wasn't as eager to play only 'coz it was just one of those days we'd all rather sleep in than do anything else. Still, I dragged myself and thought I'd check it out even if I didn't get to register.

There also was a part of me that had a kind-of nervousness in bringing Ezuri out. I've blogged about the deck and even have been sort-of mentoring a friend on Elven gameplay. I do have confidence with the deck and my skills. Yet if I didn't get a good tourney standing, it would feel like a let down for myself, my blog, and my friend. Still, I had to throw anxiety aside and just go for it. I figured what good is it if I didn't walk the talk. And I'm glad that I did.

Ezuri Elfhame Evergreen

Ezuri, Renegade Leader, Illus. Karl Kopinski
Ezuri and the Legion of Elves
Overruns Duel Commander
through Strength in Numbers
and Overwhelming Instinct

The elven tribe have grown strong and sturdy throughout the years. Their appeal and popularity is undeniable considering the many decks that are filled with the little pointy eared critters. Even more with the number of gamers choosing Elf Legends as their Commanders. I believe, this is largely due to Green and the Elves touching base with the fundamentals of Magic, namely mana production and card advantage. And with Ezuri at the helm, the elves leave an exceptionally predaceous stomping and make for a force truly deadly to reckon with.

A Show of Support for #YolandaPH Survivors with Canva

It has been weeks since; yet, the images of the devastation wrought by Typhoon Yolanda(Haiyan) remains with us. The picture of homes and livelihoods torn down, of villages and farmlands ruined, and of families hungry and in grieving will forever be etched in our minds.

We all know there is still a lot needed to be done. Even with the strength and resiliency shown by our fellow Filipinos in the aftermath of all these, the survivors still are in need of a continuous stream of support as they venture to rebuild what has been lost.

For my part, I sought out alternate avenues to try and provide support for the survivors. In my own way and by the use of my blog, the power of the internet, and the strong connections of social media, I was fortunate enough to come across one great opportunity to do so through the help of the generous people at Canva.

Design and Deliver Personalized Christmas Cards with Canva

Put those postage stamps away: these Christmas cards deliver in style!

Sydney, Australia —  Each year Filipinos spend hours waiting in checkout lines, licking dozens of icky stamps and worrying that snail mail won’t get their holiday messages to friends and family in time. And all in the name of the humble Christmas card.

Perhaps that’s why less cards are being sent now than ever before. And sheeeesh, the decline isn’t slowing down: the number of greeting cards posted has dropped 24 percent in the past decade. But no surprises there — it’s often the last thing on our mind with countless family gatherings, presents to organise and the mad holiday shopping rush.